The people behind Determinate Systems

  • Avatar for Cole Helbling

    Cole Helbling

    Cole is an avid Nix user and developer, championing Nix and its ecosystem. With a love for Rust and a willingness to dive in headfirst, he is a member of the OfBorg team, maintaining the Nixpkgs CI service.

  • Avatar for Cole Mickens

    Cole Mickens

    Cole is a long-time Nix nerd and a recovering Kubernetes enthusiast. Creator of nixpkgs-wayland and Nixpkgs contributor, he has an eye on the future of desktop Linux powered by Wayland and NixOS. Cole is eager to use Nix to make modern software development simpler and more reliable.

  • Avatar for Eelco Dolstra

    Eelco Dolstra

    Eelco started the Nix project as a PhD student at Utrecht University. He serves as president of the NixOS Foundation and is a member of the Nix team.

  • Avatar for Graham Christensen

    Graham Christensen

    Graham is a Nix and Rust developer, with a passion and focus on reliability in the lower levels of the stack. He founded Determinate Systems, Inc to support Nix adoption at your workplace.

  • Avatar for Luc Perkins

    Luc Perkins

    Luc is a technical writer, software engineer, and Nix advocate who's always on the lookout for qualitatively better ways of building software. He originally hails from the Pacific Northwest but has recently taken to living abroad.

  • Avatar for Martin Wimpress

    Martin Wimpress

    Martin is a long-time Linux user, developer, and community builder. He streams Nix and NixOS live coding on Twitch and discusses all the Linux Matters that matter on a podcast with his friends.

  • Avatar for Uche Obasi

    Uche Obasi

    Uche is a Nix enthusiast. He is deeply interested in frontend web engineering, open source, and cloud-native tech. Uche is originally based out of Lagos, Nigeria but spends some time globe-trotting.