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Sketch portrait of Graham Christensen

Determinate Systems is led by Graham Christensen, a NixOS contributor since 2016. Graham founded the NixOS Security Team and helps operate the NixOS Foundation's Hydra infrastructure and binary cache.

Through Graham, access a large network of expert contributors across the Nix ecosystem. Our collaborators are skilled developers, packagers, and sysadmins ready to support your team and your project.

Sketch portrait of Cole Helbling

Cole Helbling is an avid Nix user and developer, championing Nix and its ecosystem. With a love for Rust and a willingness to dive in headfirst, he is a member of the OfBorg team, maintaining the Nixpkgs CI service.


Announcing: terraform-provider-hydra

I’m excited to announce Determinate Systems' first open source release: terraform-provider-hydra, a Terraform provider for managing Hydra projects and jobsets.

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Erase your darlings

Stateful, long-running systems need particularly good tools to avoid state drift. NixOS provides the tools and fundamentals necessary unlike any other operating system.

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ZFS Datasets for NixOS

Take advantage of ZFS's flexible datasets to split user and service data from operating system data.

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Optimizing Docker Layers for Better Caching with Nix

Nix has a fundamentally better model of how software fits together compared to other tools. Use this knowledge to produce containers without a Dockerfile.

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