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About Determinate Systems

Determinate Systems is the Nix company, where cutting-edge technology meets unmatched expertise in Nix and flakes. We create the finest software development toolkit designed specifically for organizations that have embraced Nix and flakes. Our solutions are tailor-made for organizations prioritizing security and compliance, ensuring that software deployments are rock-solid and secure.

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Determinate Systems is where cutting-edge technology meets unmatched expertise in Nix and Flakes

Determinate Systems understands the importance of speed and safety in the cloud native age. FlakeHub is crafted to revolutionize deployments to the cloud, accelerating the build and deploy cycles for containers, virtual machines, and edge devices. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that our customers adhere to the industry’s highest standards and best practices.

Determinate Systems are not just about tools; we aim to be a trusted partner, guiding our customers through the intricate challenges of modern software deployment and empowering their success. Embrace the future of secure, high-performance software deployment with Determinate Systems—where innovation and reliability converge.

Our vision

Determinate Systems' mission is to raise the bar on secure and reliable software by giving teams and individuals the tools necessary to iterate quickly. By providing the best software development toolkit through Nix and flakes, Determinate Systems aims to enable fearless experimentation while ensuring stability and safety.

Our goals

Determinate Systems is on a mission: to deliver software that excites, support that never wavers, and honesty that builds trust.

Championing open source

Open source is our default. It symbolizes collaboration, innovation, and growth. We embrace open-source values, fostering a community of shared knowledge and collective advancement.

Unwavering user support

Our commitment is absolute. We do the right thing every time. Dependability and trust are at the heart of our user support, ensuring we're not just a provider but a partner.

Honesty and transparency

Truth is our language. We engage with candor, respect, and a data-driven approach. Integrity is non-negotiable, guiding our every decision and interaction.

Elevate the user experience

We aim to transcend traditional boundaries, creating software that's not only powerful but also a pleasure to use. Our focus is on innovation, usability, and exceeding expectations.

Our founders

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Eelco Dolstra Principal Software Engineer

Eelco started the Nix project as a PhD student at Utrecht University. He serves as president of the NixOS Foundation and is a member of the Nix team.

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Graham Christensen CEO

Graham is a Nix and Rust developer, with a passion and focus on reliability in the lower levels of the stack. He founded Determinate Systems, Inc to support Nix adoption at your workplace.