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Nix success with Determinate Systems

Avatar for Yacine Hmito
Yacine Hmito Head of Technology, Fabriq

I installed Nix with the .pkg through MDM. The experience was super smooth. Thank you very much for shipping this so well and so fast. I'll get it on all the engineers' devices.

Nix has a reputation for not being particularly easy to learn. In recent years, Nix documentation has improved greatly and there are additional resources like Zero to Nix which help a lot. Additionally, the Nix Installer landscape has gotten much, much better.

Zero to Nix is a really useful resource for learning Nix + flakes. We've also recommended the Determinate Installer to our @jetpack_io community. Great stuff!

Avatar for Rosa Control
Rosa Control

All the work the folks are doing on top of Flakes is motivating me to finally switch to #Nix

I got to try this out early and it's great! If you have a flake in your repository and use GitHub actions, it's a "must consider" tool.

A Nix workflow that fits

Easily integrate Nix into your existing development process and deployment toolchain.

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One cache, maximum efficiency

In Nix, caching traditionally involves a globally flat namespace, which means you often need to use multiple caches. This results in painful onboarding, a broken security model, and slower builds.

One identity-aware cache means just-right access every time.FlakeHub melds speed, security, and simplicity into one powerhouse cache that scales across projects, teams, and organizations. Eliminate the performance impact of multiple caches and accelerate CI/CD workflows with unmatched efficiency.

Image for feature cloud-native-nix

Cloud Native Nix

Typical Nix integrations are cobbled together shell scripts that run Nix in places it really doesn't belong. Maintaining these workarounds wastes effort and punishes productivity.

FlakeHub is the API to Nix.Cloud, edge, or bare metal; deployment means APIs. Evaluate, build, and cache in CI. Use FlakeHub APIs to bridge the declarative power of Nix and the infrastructure as code capabilities of Terraform, making it not only possible but also familiar and easy to deploy Nix built artifacts.

Image for feature security

Access controls, purpose built for Nix

Activating Nix demands extensive privileges, from GitHub keys to cache write permissions. This poses a threat to your established security boundaries and IAM architecture.

FlakeHub is IAM reimagined for Nix.Elevate Nix security with dynamic identity-based access control, leaving behind outdated, one-size-fits-all permissions and static secrets. Authenticate and authorize with IAM roles, JSON Web Tokens (JWTs), and Single Sign-on (SSO) using trusted, policy-driven identities that align perfectly with modern DevOps and cloud-native workflows.

IAM for Nix

Share across teams. Comply with export restrictions. Artifacts and expressions—together.

FlakeHub features diagram

Start small, soar to enterprise heights

FlakeHub is designed for teams that prioritize security and compliance. Make your Nix-based software deployments efficient and rock-solid secure.

Support and professional services

The Nix Vanguard. Where unparalleled Nix mastery meets cutting-edge technology. Realize Nix's potential faster with our integration expertise and architectural input. We're always here, ready to empower your success with the adoption of Nix and FlakeHub and always adhering to the industry's highest standards and best practices.

Compliance and certification

Trust at our core. SOC 2 compliant, because when it comes to sensitive environments, FlakeHub is the backbone. Catering to financial services, industrial automation, and defense, we're engineered for your compliance requirements.

Custom Nix installer

Revolutionize with the Determinate Nix Installer: custom-fit for your infrastructure. Seamlessly automate and distribute with Nix and flakes across macOS, Linux, WSL, and more. Flakes today, flakes tomorrow: guaranteed stability. For specialized Nix solutions, we're your go-to experts.

Track, trace, triumph

Gain crystal-clear insight into how your team and your automated processes use Nix and FlakeHub. Audit access logs and artifact build results to keep track of their provenance. Stay informed, stay ahead.

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