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Nov 29

By Graham Christensen

KVM on GitHub Actions

NixOS tests, Firecracker VMs, and more, now available to Nix users on GitHub Actions with one line of code.

Nov 24

By Graham Christensen

A graphical installer for Nix

An even easier way to install Nix on macOS—and trustworthy and ripe for integration to boot.

Nov 7

By Graham Christensen

Lessons from 1 million Nix Installs

In celebration of installing Nix over a million times, let's take a look at some of the lessons we've learned while building a safer and more reliable Nix installer.

Oct 25

By Graham Christensen

Nix Survival Mode: sheltering Nix from macOS upgrades

For years, macOS upgrades have broken Nix. We've updated the Determinate Nix Installer to ensure that this no longer happens, eliminating yet another annoyance for macOS users.

Oct 6

By Graham Christensen

FlakeHub updates: lightning-fast mirroring and webhook integrations

Checking in on FlakeHub one month after launch

Sep 20

By Luc Perkins

Creating and modifying flakes using the FlakeHub CLI

The FlakeHub CLI, fh, now enables you to generate new flakes from scratch or modify existing flakes in place, providing major ergonomic benefits for working with flakes.

Sep 6

By Graham Christensen

Experimental does not mean unstable

Users love flakes, and we're committing to maintaining forward compatibility.

Sep 1

By Luc Perkins

fh: the CLI for FlakeHub

Make more productive use of the growing FlakeHub platform

Aug 31

By Eelco Dolstra

Flake schemas: making flake outputs extensible

Flake schemas enable you to teach Nix about new flake output types.